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ICUE Waterproofing offers a waterproof membrane

that is highly efficient in the use of energy, cost, and maintenance


Upgrade Your Roof Instead of Replacing It!


Forget the cost of tearing off your old roof and applying a new one, when you can save time and money on the installation and maintenance of a TRITOflex waterproof membrane applied over the old roof. The result is a roof that's better than new in many ways.


Advantages of TRITOflex Upgrade Over Tear-off & New Single-ply Roof


  1. Increased Thickness of Roof                                  7.  Seamless                              

  2. Greater Elongation                                                       8.  No Material Waste 

  3. Better Wind Uplift Rating                                          9.  Ponding Water Exclusion

  4. Higher Resistance to Hail                                        10.  Reduces Heat Transfer

  5. Greater Resistance to Foot Traffic                         11.  Prevents Underlying Degradation

  6. Lower Cost                                                                    12.  Reduces Maintenance


TRITOflex offers longer life, greater durability, and is easily renewable.




TRITOflex™ liquid rubber is American made and has been rigorously tested for durability and sustainability, both in the laboratory and in the field, garnering high ratings in the industry and across the globe.


FM-Approved with a Class A fire rating, TRITOflex™ is the best and most advanced waterproof membrane there is, and can be used not only on roofs, decks, and ponds, but in a variety of industrial, manufacturing and commercial applications.


Note that TRITOflex™ is not simply a coating, but an actual membrane.


The advantages of TRITOflex™ are numerous:

  • Applied over existing roof, eliminating the time & cost of a tear-off

  • One coat, seamless application, to any thickness

  • Odorless

  • Resistant to temperature extremes, salt spray, hail & UV rays

  • Sets instantly; flexible; lightweight

  • Environmentally safe; water-based; sustainable

  • Withstands water indefinitely

  • Cost effective with regard to application & maintenance

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