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A JPMorgan Chase Bank after Roof Restoration

Watch a demo on the liquid rubber membrane that saves time, energy, and money:

NASA's John Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio 

In 2016, JPMorgan Chase, the largest bank in the U.S., chose the TRITOflex™ system to restore the roofs on 28 of their facilities, saving $1.6 million compared to the cost of tear-offs and reroofing. As a result, the following year yielded an additional $1.2 million savings in maintenance and other operating costs. In just two years, a total savings of nearly $3 million was realized, compared to their previous practice of tear-offs and replacements.



In 2015, NASA's John Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio, chose TRITOflex™ as a roofing solution to protect their sensitive instruments and equipment. Read about it here.


Photos of Chase Bank Waterproof Roof Restoration

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